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Truck Alignment in Edmonton, AB

Are you experiencing uneven tire wear or noticing your truck pulling to one side while driving? At Steve's Diesel Repair, we specialize in truck front-end alignments and king pin services in Edmonton, AB, so your heavy-duty vehicles operate efficiently and safely.

Semi Truck Alignment in Edmonton, AB

At Steve's Diesel Repair, our mechanics are experts in diagnosing and fixing these problems by adjusting various components of your vehicle's suspension system.

Components We Adjust

King Pins: Essential for the steering mechanism, worn king pins can cause sloppy steering and affect overall vehicle alignment. We replace or service these pins to ensure smooth and precise steering.
Axles and Wheels: Correct axle alignment and wheel positioning are crucial. We ensure that your truck’s axles are perfectly aligned, preventing irregular tire wear and maintaining straight tracking.

Common Issues and Resolutions

Uneven Tire Wear: This is often a sign of misalignment. We realign your truck’s wheels to ensure even tire wear, extending the life of your tires.
Vehicle Pulling to One Side: This can indicate issues with alignment or uneven tire pressure. We thoroughly inspect and adjust your vehicle to correct this.
Vibrations at High Speeds: Often related to misaligned wheels or imbalanced tires, our team will diagnose and rectify this issue, improving your driving experience.

Benefits for Your Business

Reduced Tire Costs: Regular alignment checks can significantly extend tire life, reducing your overall expenses.
Improved Fuel Efficiency: Properly aligned wheels reduce rolling resistance, which can improve your fuel economy.
Enhanced Safety: Alignment issues can compromise vehicle handling. Our services ensure that your vehicle remains reliable and safe under all conditions.

Book Your Commercial Truck Alignment Now!

If you're noticing any issues with your vehicle’s alignment, don’t wait for them to get worse. Contact Steve's Diesel Repair today at 1-780-452-5160 to schedule your truck and trailer alignment and ensure your fleet operates at its best.


What Areas Do You Serve For Truck and Trailer Alignment?

As well as Edmonton, AB, we also proudly service the following areas: Sherwood Park, AB, St. Albert, AB, Spruce Grove, AB, Stony Plain, AB, Fort Saskatchewan, AB, Leduc, AB, Morinville, AB, Devon, AB, Beaumont, AB, Gibbons, AB, Westlock, AB, Barrhead, AB, Camrose, AB, Redwater, AB, and Tofield, AB.

What Are The Signs Of Bad Alignment?

Signs of bad alignment include uneven tire wear, the vehicle pulling to one side, steering wheel vibration, or the steering wheel being off-centre when driving straight. These symptoms suggest it’s time for an alignment check.

Does Alignment Affect Brakes?

Yes, improper alignment can cause uneven brake shoe wear and potentially increase stopping distances. Correct alignment helps ensure that brakes wear evenly and perform optimally.

How Can I Get Truck and Trailer Alignment?

Interested in enhancing the performance and safety of your fleet with professional alignment? Call Steve's Diesel Repair at 1-780-452-5160 to book your truck and trailer alignment service in Edmonton, AB.

Our Heavy-Duty Truck Repair Services

At Steve's Diesel Repair, we offer a full suite of services designed to meet the diverse needs of heavy-duty vehicle owners. Our meticulous checks and repairs ensure your fleet is CVIP inspection-ready. Our preventive maintenance programs are tailored to prevent downtime and extend the life of your vehicles. When you need emergency towing, we offer priority service through our partnerships with local towing companies, providing you with immediate assistance whenever required.

Mechanic providing truck preventive maintenance in Edmonton, AB

Preventive Maintenance

Are you maximizing the efficiency of your commercial trucks in Edmonton, AB, with preventive maintenance? Our team at Steve's Diesel Repair implements a regular maintenance schedule that not only saves money but also prevents disruptive breakdowns, keeping your trucks on the road for longer.
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Specific Modifications

Are your heavy-duty vehicles meeting all your needs? Elevate their functionality and efficiency with custom modifications from Steve's Diesel Repair in Edmonton, AB. We provide expert modifications that enhance your fleet, helping you achieve superior performance and efficiency.
Mechanic providing welding services in Edmonton, AB

Welding & Fabrication

For superior welding and fabrication services in Edmonton, AB, turn to the professionals at Steve's Diesel Repair. We pride ourselves on our precision and attention to detail, ensuring every fleet vehicle we handle is fortified for peak performance.
Towing in Edmonton, AB


Need reliable towing services in Edmonton, AB? At Steve's Diesel Repair, we offer comprehensive towing services through our partnership with local towing companies. This guarantees priority service when you book through us, getting your vehicle back on the road in no time.
Diesel mechanic performing CVIP Inspection in Edmonton, AB

CVIP Inspection

Are you a fleet manager or truck driver in need of CVIP inspections in Edmonton, AB? Look no further than Steve's Diesel Repair for reliable and thorough services. Ensure your commercial vehicles meet Alberta's safety standards with our expert team.
Truck general diesel repairs in Edmonton, AB

General Diesel Repair

Are you searching for expert diesel repair in Edmonton, AB? At Steve’s Diesel Repair, we provide top-tier services to keep your diesel engines running at their best. Learn about common diesel issues, maintenance tips, and why diagnostics are crucial for your vehicle's longevity.
Fleet park in Edmonton, AB

Fleet Services

Is your fleet in need of expert attention in Edmonton, AB? Steve's Diesel Repair provides comprehensive services tailored for all kinds of heavy-duty fleets. Whether it's trucks, buses or RVs we cover all aspects of your fleet's maintenance and repairs, guaranteeing optimal performance every time.
Truck in Edmonton, AB

Truck Parts

For the finest heavy-duty truck part sales in Edmonton, AB, there's no other choice than Steve's Diesel Repair. With an extensive inventory stocked with everything you need, we guarantee your truck's top performance with our quality parts and expert service.
Trucks in Edmonton, AB

Collision Repair

Been involved in a collision in Edmonton? Turn to Steve's Diesel Repair for unparalleled heavy-duty collision services. We partner closely with a premier local body shop for all collision repairs, ensuring you receive the best care.
RV in Edmonton, AB

RV Repair

Don’t let RV repairs put a damper on your travel plans in Edmonton, AB. Steve's Diesel Repair specializes in fixing heavy-duty diesels, ensuring your vehicle is ready for any adventure, from scenic road trips to exciting vacations.
Bus in repair shop in Edmonton, AB

Bus Repair

Keep your buses running smoothly with expert repairs from Steve's Diesel Repair in Edmonton, AB. Our team of expert mechanics provides reliable services designed to keep your buses in peak condition, no matter what.

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I have been going to Steve’s for years.Steve and Jordon are professional and knowledgeable and work around my schedule. Highly recommend.
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Those guy's awesome, they replaced a clutch brake for me while moving into their new location, I very much recommend them!
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